Senior Concert Band

Front row (left to right) Courtney Castonguay, Stephanie Walton, Kevin Coffyn, Aidan Sheppard, Josée Savard,  Emily Daigle, Amanda Moskal, Joshua Whalen, Second row: (left to right) Paige Kadwell, Melanie Swartzentruber, Erica Younger, Megan French, Liz Sweeney, Alyson Beland, Megan Marunchak, Max Moote, Third row: (left to right) Brittany Matson, Mr. Scherzinger, Justin Liao, Isaac Vicker, Connor Felber, Thomas Mercier, Liam Keaney, Nick Bozzo, Jeffrey Daggett, Ryan Lavalley

is comprised of grade 11 and 12 instrumental music students. This course focuses on learning a variety of senior band repertoire. Performing for the school, community and competing in music festivals is also part of the course. It’s a great opportunity to refine your music skills and share your talent. AMR 3M-4M is an out–of- timetable full year course (Tuesday and Thursday mornings from 7:30 to 8:30 a.m.).

Dave Young

Dave Young
Dave Young

David Young is a former Lasalle Lancer of Note who has graduated from universtiy with a Music degree. He is a qualified Instrumental Music teacher. David has been perfecting his conducting and band directing skills by volunteering to help with our Senior Concert Band. He has been doing this for the past several years. David is currently on the supply list for the Rainbow District School Board. Please contact David if by chance you are looking for an instrumental music teacher

David can be reached at (705) 626-2601 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

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