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Mr. Bellmore is a welcome addition to our Arts team. His enthusiasm, creativity and knowledge are the driving forces in his Film Studies Courses. Many of his students are seen throughout the school filming for the various projects that are being developed each semester, Sign up now for a new adventure!

Mr. Savard
Program Leader for the Arts

IDC300 – Film Studies (Open)
This course introduces students to enduring, popular genres in film with a focus on documentary filmmaking and its impact on society. Students will also be introduced to a variety of documentary films, styles, and directors. In all cases students will be expected to make connections and draw deeper conclusions about film and its relevance to our culture and within our society. Documentary films often focus on issues or people who are marginalized in society and need a voice to be represented. Regular analysis – both oral and written – will be a key component to the course, helping students understand the history of film as and art form an enabling them to understand how the makers of film structure their work to communicate ideas and feelings to an audience. Students will be in a position to consider their own potential in the film industry. The culminating activity for this course will be a short documentary film. PRE: Completion of ENG2DO or ENG2PO is strongly recommended

IDC400 – Film Studies (Open)
This is an extension of the Grade 11 IDC300 film class, and a credit in the Grade 11 course is required for enrollment. Students who enroll in the Grade 12 class will review the basic photography, lighting, editing and theory presented in the Grade 11 class. More advanced techniques and software applications will be highlighted. This course will focus on the creation of film shots, including script development, storyboarding, and seeing the film pre and post-productions, editing and final rendering. The course highlights the use of High Definition cameras and Macintosh computers for film editing. PRE: IDC300

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