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Every year an Arts Council is formed and elections are held for the positions listed below. The Arts Council formerly The Music Council helps to organize our concert events and assist with school activities. The Council annually participates in the school’s “Adopt A Family” held every Christmas. They also volunteer during the Joan Mantle Trust Fund Raising Dinner.

Each of our Arts Council members have a specific locker location right outside the Music room. They meet daily for homeroom in the Music room and have regular weekly meetings. These are the following members of this year’s Arts Council.

Mr. Savard and Mr. Scherzinger oversee the Council members during homeroom and meetings.

ARTS COUNCIL 2014-2015
PRESIDENT Emily Daigle
VICE PRESIDENT Virginia Gordon
PUBLIC RELATIONS Juliana Danis, Liam Keaney
SECRETARY Erica Younger
VISUAL ARTS REP Virgina Gordon
DRAMA Jeffrey Daggett, Mickeala Proulx
ARTS COUNCIL REP FOR STUDENT COUNCIL Samantha Russell. Kelly Paquin is the grade 11 rep for students council and will represent when Samantha is absent.
Mikaela Proulx Grade 11
Brittany Matson Grade 12
Sarah-Jayne Peet Grade 11
Connor Felber Grade 12
Megan Marunchak Grade 11
Liam Keaney Grade 12
Laura Cummings Grade 11
Alyson Beland Grade 12
Virginia Gordon Grade 12
Max Moote Grade 11
Julianna Dani Grade 12
Kate Keaney Grade 12
Ashlee Grossauer Grade 12
Kyle Millar Grade 10
Veronica Gordonk Grade 11
Kelly Paquin Grade 11
Emily Daigle Grade 12
Jeffrey Daggett Grade 12
Erica Younger Grade 12
Samantha Russell Grade 12

We will add two grade 9 reps next September.

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